Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Sky

Long time I wanted to make a night sky on my nails. So I made it.
I painted my nails in a dark blue and with a brush I made it white stripes, as a top coat I put it blue glitter.
On one nail I draw little Santa Claus entering in the chimney (he is so cute, isn't he? )
So that is my Christmas Night Sky.
I hope that you like this cute manicure.

Till next post
Paint your nails and Stay Stylish  

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Santa Claus is coming..

You got it any presents from Santa?
I hope that I'll got present this year, on my wish list is The Hunger Games Trilogy.
I'm hoping that this present will be under my Christmas Tree. :)

So this post my inspiration is Santa Claus, I decided to make every nail different so this is final result,
I hope that you like this cute Santa Clause nail art, plus I gotta Snowflake and Little candy cane.
All in the spirit of Holidays.

xo xo xo 
Merry Christmas

Paint your nails and Stay Stylish


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Shopping Time

Today I went shopping yay..
I was out all day and I gotta say I bought pretty great things.
First of all I got it present for my sister, but I cant show you it supposed to be surprise for her :) 
she is reading my blog. :D

For me I got it new lap top uh la la my joy is endless.
Also I went to one nail art shop (it's cosmetic shop) but you can find all kind stuff for nails.
And here is what I bought:

I love it new brush from golden rose nail polish it's really maxi :D
And in my next post you can see how these colors look on my nails.

So girls buy yourself some new rich color,
paint your nails and
Stay Stylish.


Friday, December 21, 2012

Crazy Christmas Tree

Usually I am thinking some new designs and I want to be simple and unique but this time I saw very cute and crazy nail design, so I borrow it. :)
I must say this girl's nail art tutorials are great and they all are simple and easy, you can check it out.
Cute polish is the name of her YouTube account.

When I saw this I fell in love with this nail art, so I decided to make it.
I made a little change about this nail design, because I don't want to imitate.
My last post was also about Christmas tree, but what can I say I love trees especially Christmas trees.

So as you can see in her tutorial I used:
white polish
green ( 3 shades)
and my dotting tool
and I made a Christmas lights on the other nails
I used other three colors for the lights.

And here is my mustache Christmas trees and Christmas lights.

I hope that you like tins Christmas nail design
Have a nice holidays, paint your nails
and Stay Stylish.


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rocking around the Christmas tree

This manicure is from last week, My inspiration was my new Christmas tree, 
I bought new one, it's 1.80 m and I must say its great,
but I gotta little problem, my cat always climbs on it and most of the time the tree is down.
you can check it out on my Instagram profile.

So for this manicure I used:
red, green, silver (sparkly), black and purple nail polish
and little stars/ stones.
And here is what we got it.
Hope you like it.

...paint your nails and Stay Stylish.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

DIY: Collar Necklace

Одамна се шеткам низ продавници за да си купам вакво ланче, ама некако секогаш излегува нешто друго да треба да се купи, ах ние жени.
Инаку си велев да си пробам да си направам. 
Низ дома најдов остатоци од капут (мајка ми корегираше еден па и останаа некои парчиња), искројав две парчиња кои личат на јака од кошула (заоблени), ги поврзав на средина и им зашив сатенска лента. Потоа им сошив каменчиња во две бои.
И еве го крајниот резултат:

Додека го правев си размислував со каква модна комбинација ќе го носам овој прекрасен моден додаток, мислам дека со корсетче ќе биде петка. :)

Се надевам дека ви се допадна, бидете креативни и направете си сами.

Stay Stylish

Snowman nails

So today's post inspiration is again the snow, it was snowing all day and outside is real winter we have pretty much snow. I didn't had time today to make a snowman in my yard but I painted my nails with snowmen, and now I have ten. :)
today i was pretty busy, so I painted my nails really late its almost one o'clock AM.

Sooo I was busy because I was making Christmas decorations in my home (I'll make a post about it), and I was pretty excited because I bought new Christmas tree (it's plastic) yay so happy about it.

So for this snowmen I used:
as basic color: grey (selene), then I put it blue glitter on it,
next with doting tool and white nail-polish I made it the snowmen
and finished with top coat.

I experimented with the snowmen, on some of them I draw it hats and now I see that was a bad idea.

So I hope you like this winter nail art,
so paint your nails and Stay Stylish

Sunday, December 9, 2012

*** Let it snow ***

Here is another nail design inspired by this cold and snowy December.
Once I read somewhere that every snowflake is unique, and I tried to make them different.

it was really easy to make this nail design, if you like it to paint your nails like this you'll need:
1. basic color (I used mint- from Golden rose) 
2. On the basic color I put it blue glitter
3. white nail polish (for the snowflakes)
I draw the snowflakes with thinnest brush and doting tool.

And remember: paint your nails, protect your hands from the cold (wear gloves)
and Stay Stylish.

P.S. I'm sad :( I broke one of my nails and I had to cut them all, now they are tiny and it's a bit hard to draw on them, I hope that till my next post they will grow a inch. :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Candy, Candy, Oh Candy Cane

December is month full of excitement because holidays are coming, so this month my main theme will be Christmas and New Year.
For this post as a inspiration I took my newest earrings that I got it as a present from
 I was so happy about this present and I think that I'm going to wear them all December.

If you have some design ideas and you'll like to see it you can leave it in a comment section below or you can contact me on Twitter and Google +

Enjoy in your Holiday preparations,
 paint your nails and stay stylish.