Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nail Care is all you Need

So, this post is all about care of the nail and hands :)
I believe that every girl sometimes has a problem with the nails, so here are some tips and suggestion.

I've been using this two and I must say both are great, after a week of using you can see the results.
The first one is better but I haven't seen in the stores almost one year, (if you find it please inform me. )
The other one is also great, but they recently they changed the pack (it used to be white with red and now is purple as you can see from the picture. ) Also the both are awesome for your hands.

At this moment I am using something else, and I must say is very effective, after couple days usage I was able to see remarkably results. And ta da it's GARLIC.

Yep I know it's funny and also stinky but it's effective.
All you need is:
1. clear base coat nail polish
(I am using HD nail polish, but you can use any type example Golden Rose, Opi, etc.)
2. And one piece Garlic.
So you'll need to cut the garlic and put into nail polish, and it's done.
I am using this as a base coat before I put some color on my nails. And voila cracking nails problem solved.

Also you can search some base coats with vitamins as E and D, and is't important to protect your nails when you're cleaning and washing (wear gloves)
So this is how I am dealing with the problem cracking nails, I'll hope you'll find this helpful.
And till the next post Stay Stylish and take care about your nails.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Nail Trends Fall/Winter 2012

So it pass almost month from the New York and London Fashion week. And I must say I love it this Fall/Winter collection. 
I had an opportunity to see some of the shows from London and New York 
I read some articles about it and I noticed the nail trends about this fall/winter
So here are some suggestions:

Pure gold

Dark red

French manicure with red tips

Dark Blue

So as you see from the pictures form of the nails is simple: short and square with rounded corners.
About the colors, I fell in love with this three types of manicure.
1. Dark and Stormy- you can paint your nails in any dark color like: dark blue, dark red, dark green
2. Pretty and Pearls- for this you'll need colors such a white-cream, pure gold or even marshmallow (it's so girly)
3. French twist- this is simple french manicure but it's a modification as a basic color you can use white-cream color or champagne color and the tips of the nail you'll paint in red, black or dark blue.

So what you waiting paint your nails as a model from Fashion Week and stay Stylish.

It's all about my friends

In da colors of the rainbow

Something about flowers
French manicure and a lot of dots

French manicure with pinkie flowers

Oh I am so excited, this is my first post on my new/old blog. :) 
This is new for me so I'm not sure what should I write here :/
So I made all of this fancy and stylish nails for my friends and I know they like it.
All this pics are from last year but they are cool I know :)
So this is it.. I hope I'll write more on the next post.
And Stay Stylish and paint your nails.